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The benefits of using Rally


Words read and counting

Increase vocabulary

Join our network of readers

With millions of words being read each second, kids are learning and growing their vocabulary– and having fun while doing so!

AI-powered app

Real books. Real feedback. Real progress.

Rally's digital reading coach is built-in to more than 50,000 popular books. Kids get the real-time support they need to make rapid progress.

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What real Rally Readers are saying

Shannon, 3rd Grade Teacher

"Rally Reader has been such an amazing addition to our reading curriculum. I have seen my students become stronger, more independent readers because of the immediate feedback they’ve received. They are excelling using this program - especially my second language learners who get a chance to work at their own pace."

Aaron, Director of Innovation

“Implementing Rally Reader on student iPads has been a game changer. Our teachers receive useful data on their students, which informs progress reporting to families and future interventions and accommodations...Perhaps most exciting is the fact that our students are advocating for time with the app!”

Caren, Parent

“Our 8th grader started using Rally Reader a few years ago and she loves it. She will never read out loud for me and she is reading out loud every day with Rally. I know now that she's getting the practice she needs."

Rachel, Student

“When I was reading without Rally Reader it was hard for me to read because I had nobody to help me. When I got a word wrong no one could tell me that. It was hard. It’s more easy now. It’s cool and fun and educational and it helped me learn more.”

Aviva, 5th Grade Teacher & Curriculum Leader for Lower School

“Rally Reader has been a fantastic addition to our bank of digital reading tools. Rally allows our students, including those with dyslexia, to choose appropriately leveled, high interest books while simultaneously providing in the moment feedback for the students. This feedback is invaluable as it facilitates a level of independence not often achieved by students with learning challenges."

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