Be the cheerleader, not the coach

Rally Reader makes it possible for parents to be cheerleaders for reading success by bringing together the science and joy of reading through guided practice.

"Kids need less, but higher quality screen time."

-Jonathan Haidt, The Anxious Generation

Rally Reader eliminates the friction of independent reading

Choice, support, motivation, and fun make Rally a platform where kids want to spend their time.

Finding the right book

Unlimited previews: Kids can explore unlimited previews to find their perfect book.

Advanced search options: Explore the bookstore by author, genre, age range, and popularity.

Extensive collection: Access to more than 50,000 popular books without needing physical shelf space! New titles added weekly.

Building confidence

Safe practice environment: Rally Reader provides a supportive space for kids to take low-stakes risks and practice reading with gentle guidance, helping them feel less self-conscious about reading.

In-app tools: Kids can check definitions and practice tricky words directly within the app.

Supportive role for adults: These features make it easier for teachers and parents to act as cheerleaders rather than coaches, fostering a positive reading experience.

Ensuring accountability

Word tracking: Every word read is tracked, allowing kids, parents, and teachers to monitor progress.

Reminders and motivation: Kids receive reading reminders so parents can be cheerleaders rather than coaches.

Encouraging prompts: Motivational messages within the Rally Reader app inspire kids to keep reading.

Feedback from our community

Caren, Parent

“Our 8th grader started using Rally Reader [two years ago]. She loves it. She will never read out loud for me and she is reading out loud every day with Rally. Thanks for making such a delightful product.”

Sophie, Student

“With Rally Reader, no one has to help me with reading nowadays. It’s fun reading in Rally because you can sit anywhere and be reading. And it motivates my brain so I can try new things.”

Pam, Parent

“My daughter and I stopped fighting about reading! She reads on her own, in her room, and I know she is getting the practice she needs.”

Anya, Teacher

“Using Rally Reader [my students]  have been able to do more independent reading, where in the past they would avoid reading and not be able to get past the word they were stuck on. Now they’re able to use the app and have it tell them the word they were stuck on so they’re not sitting there waiting on a teacher or losing their comprehension.”

Rally Reader's app is free, just pay for the books your child loves!