Rally Reader brings joy to the science of reading

Deliver on the promise of your school’s existing reading instruction through guided practice and actionable insights.

Proven results in student motivation and reading habits

In early 2024, we surveyed teachers across the United States and Canada who participated in our pilot program. Here’s what they shared about their experience with the Rally Reader app:



Found the class dashboard helpful and informative



Saw an increase in student motivation with Rally Reader



Said they read MORE since using the Rally Reader app

Why it works

Kids choose a book from our library of 50k+ popular titles.

Kids practice reading out loud and get instant feedback.

Kids see their progress and share with parents or teachers.


Maximize your impact with detailed reading analytics

For the first time, teachers can get a comprehensive, quantified view of each student’s reading progress. The Rally Reader app tracks every word read, and offers teachers a detailed web-based dashboard with individualized data. This valuable insight helps teachers spot trends and use data-informed instruction to boost phonemic awareness and fluency skills. Plus, Rally's data-rich reports can be printed and shared with families, giving them the tools to support and encourage independent reading at home.

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Rally in the classroom

Rally Reader is a science-supported supplement that reinforces your approach to reading instruction through guided practice. Rally seamlessly integrates into classroom practices, serving as a versatile tool for independent reading, book clubs, reading groups, and conferencing.

Rally fosters a safe, reassuring learning environment where children, parents, and teachers are all supported throughout the “learning to read” journey. Through shared data insights and gentle app-based mistake correction, Rally Reader empowers students to explore and grow without fear of judgment.

Our commitment to literacy equity

Rally Reader is dedicated to fostering literacy equity by nurturing a genuine love for reading through choice, support, and motivation. By providing an inclusive platform tailored to the needs of all readers, we ensure that every student, regardless of their background or learning differences, has access to the resources they need to succeed.

Our commitment to equity extends beyond access. We continuously refine our platform to address diverse learning styles and linguistic backgrounds, empowering all learners to reach their full potential in reading and beyond.

The #1 thing we hear from kids is, “reading is invisible work.” Rally Reader makes the work visible to kids, teachers, and parents.

Your Rally Reader subscription

Whatever approach to literacy instruction your school or district has invested in, Rally Reader amplifies the work you’ve done with research-proven practice strategies.

For just $49 per student per year, a Rally subscription includes:
• Unlimited reading
• Unlimited book previews
• Software licenses for each student
• Software licenses for your teaching team
• A comprehensive web-based teacher dashboard
• Data-rich student and class reports

Questions about funding? Ask us about our Donor's Choose partnership! Contact our team to get started with Rally, today.

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