About us

Our mission

At Rally Reader, we're dedicated to making reading accessible for everyone. Our goal is simple: to empower students to approach reading with confidence and enthusiasm. With our AI-reading coach and real-time feedback, we aim to improve fluency, vocabulary and reading motivation. Rally partners with families and educators alike to foster a sense of independence where every reader feels supported and encouraged! 

Our values

At Rally Reader, we believe reading should be accessible to all, aiming to decrease stress and foster a love of reading. We also believe:  

Students should feel supported in their literacy journey.
Reading should inspire positivity, joy, and wonder.
Partnership is invaluable to supporting growth.

With Rally, you’re never alone.

A note from Andrea

Hi! I’m Andrea, a mom of three. Reading hasn't come easily to any of my kids, and my youngest struggled the most. It took a lot of hard work to get his reading up to grade level.

Like many parents and students, my grade schooler and I spent hours together at the kitchen counter working on his reading. Starting in second grade, we'd sit side by side, with my finger underlining the words as he read. If he skipped or misread a word, I'd stop my finger, signaling him to try again. He often felt discouraged, worrying that he wasn't making progress. I reassured him as best I could, though I often shared the same fear.

My son is generally easy-going, but there were frequent moments of frustration and creative attempts to delay our reading sessions. As he grew older, he wanted to read on his own. While I liked the idea, I knew his accuracy wouldn't improve without my feedback. He didn’t grasp the importance of reading words accurately, believing that understanding the gist of the stories was enough. He didn't realize that high accuracy rates would soon be essential for math word problems, science instructions, tests, and more.

We soon realized that it wasn't just us. MOST kids need reading help. There had to be a better, more efficient, and fun way to provide it. With my experience in app development, I wondered, “Is there an app for this?” There wasn’t.

So, Rally Reader was born — a digital platform that unites personalized literacy coaching, performance-based rewards, and a nearly limitless library of books to make practicing reading easy and engaging for young learners. My hope is to inspire a lifelong love of reading in every child, and Rally is here to help every step of the way.

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